People are your greatest asset.

Maximise your ROI by investing in their skills and building a culture for them to thrive.

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High Performer Index

Take our free assessment to uncover whether your company's talent development strategy is optimised to produce and retain high performers.

Our High Performer Index assessment will identify areas for improvement and provide actionable recommendations to help you develop and retain your top talent.

- 2 minutes

- 20 questions

- Personalised insights

Culture Catalyst Scorecard

Discover if your company culture is set up for your employees to thrive or just survive. Take our free assessment and receive personalised insights to unlock your team's full potential.

Our Culture Catalyst Scorecard will evaluate your current culture, identify areas for improvement, and provide you with customised recommendations to create a high-performing and engaged workforce.

- 2 minutes

- 20 questions

- Personalised insights

"Garvey brings a collaborative approach, a fresh perspective and tangible ideas to help a firm evolve"

- Victoria Brown, Partner, General Counsel, AnaCap

Hey, I'm Garvey Seaton

GIBUS Consulting, Founder

With over a decade of experience in the people space, I have gained a deep understanding of what drives high performers and how companies can create environments that foster their growth and success. A former recruiter, now leadership development consultant, I have witnessed firsthand the significant costs that companies incur when they lose their best talent.

In my current role, I partner with organizations to deliver training programs that address the root causes of talent attrition. Drawing on my extensive experience and research, I help companies tackle key issues such as poor company culture, limited professional development opportunities, ineffective management, and misalignment between job responsibilities and career goals.

By addressing these challenges head-on, I equip managers and executives with the tools and strategies they need to support the growth and success of their teams. My approach is grounded in the belief that investing in people is the key to driving long-term business success.

If you're ready to take your talent strategy to the next level and create a culture where high performers can thrive, I'd love to partner with you.

Let's work together to unlock the full potential of your people and drive sustainable results for your organization.

How we can help

Leader Accelerator Program

A comprehensive system to develop high-potential managers into engaging leaders who drive retention, performance and culture.

  • Unlock your leadership potential and learn to drive business results

  • Gain the skills, tools, and confidence to lead with impact and inspire your team to reach new heights of performance and engagement

  • Accelerate your leadership journey with expert guidance, personalised coaching, and a supportive peer network of like-minded leaders

Modular Workshops

Pick from a selection of leadership development and culture building workshops. Designed to plug into existing development programs.

  • Invest in your most valuable asset – your people – with workshops designed to unlock their potential, foster collaboration, and drive engagement

  • Create a shared language and framework for success with sessions that align your team around core values, goals, and strategies

  • Build a culture of continuous learning and growth with flexible, modular workshops that can be customized to your organization's unique needs and challenges

Mini Case Studies


Build a culture of support and accountability

Challenge - Leaders were paralysed by the 'fear of saying the wrong thing', which created inaction and souring of the culture.

Delivery - We designed and delivered a series of workshops across EMEA and APAC, around the topic of 'Allyship'. This was integrated alongside a wider executive leadership development program.

Result -Leaders were equipped with a toolkit to effectively communicate with their teams and create mini cultures within their practices.


Create more autonomy amongst future leaders

Challenge - The leadership wanted to empower the junior leaders to take more control of their careers.

Delivery - We designed and delivered a series of workshops focused on helping them identify their strengths, refine their communication skills and create personalised resilience plans to deal with the rigours of a leading law firm.

Result -Participants built higher quality relationships across the firm and were able to manage their client demands more effectively.

10 reasons you need to invest in your people...

  1. High turnover costs you time, money, and institutional knowledge

  2. Disengaged employees drag down productivity and morale

  3. Skill gaps hold your team back from reaching its full potential

  4. Poor communication leads to costly mistakes and missed opportunities

  5. Lack of diversity and inclusion limits innovation and growth

  6. Toxic culture drives away top talent and damages your reputation

  7. Unclear values and goals lead to confusion and conflict

  8. Neglecting development signals you don't value your people

  9. Failing to adapt to change puts you at risk of being left behind

  10. Competitors who invest in their people will outperform you


Here's what other's say

"Incredibly valuable"

I've really enjoyed the sessions. They've been incredibly thought provoking and I've raved about it to colleagues. It should be mandatory for all Actis staff.


"Incredibly engaging"

Garvey was excellent and able to talk about some difficult topics very clearly. He really fostered a lovely/ safe atmosphere where people felt that they could share.

A&O Shearman

"Highly recommend!"

An intelligent, passionate and empathetic facilitator who was outstanding in conveying complex topics into a very digestible and easy to understand manner. Would highly recommend!


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