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Is Your Workplace Stuck in the Past?

Discover Your "Future-Proof" Score in 2 Minutes.

Take our free assessment and uncover your company's strengths and weaknesses in building a thriving future workplace.

Worried your employees are feeling disengaged, unmotivated, or unprepared for the evolving work landscape? We've identified the key pillars of a "Future-Proof" workplace based on industry-wide research.

Take our quick, 2-minute assessment and receive a personalized score, along with actionable insights to help you build a more engaged, resilient, and future-ready workforce.

"Futureproof your business - Invest in modern learning solutions that empower and engage your employees."

- Garvey Seaton



Forget the stale training trap. I see L&D as a launchpad, not a lecture hall. 

I help companies ditch outdated methods and adopt learning experiences that transform teams. 

We take the best learnings from across industries, and craft solutions that spark engagement, unlock potential, and drive tangible results. 

Think differently. Think bigger. 

Let's build a future where learning is the key to unlocking your organization's true potential. 

Are you ready? Let’s talk!

The Lonely Pivot

Actionable ideas to help you launch your side hustle

Our Services: Where Expertise Meets Passion


Drive Engagement

  • Tired of passive training? Our interactive workshops immerse participants in real-world scenarios, fostering collaboration and boosting knowledge retention.

  • We leverage cross-sector best practices and tailor each workshop to your specific needs and challenges.

  • Expect increased employee engagement, improved skill development, and measurable results linked to your learning objectives.

Experience workshops that transform, not just inform.

Coaching Programs

Unlock Individual Potential & Drive Performance

  • Struggling to bridge the gap between training and application? Our 1-1 and group coaching programs provide personalized guidance and support to help individuals achieve their full potential.

  • We address individual learning styles and challenges, ensuring targeted development aligned with your company goals.

  • Expect increased employee performance, improved confidence, and tangible ROI through enhanced productivity and skill application.

Let’s discuss your coaching needs and how we can empower your team.

Keynote Speaking

The Future of Learning Delivered

  • Tired of the same old keynote speakers peddling tired ideas? I bring a fresh perspective, drawing on cross-sector insights and disruptive approaches to learning & development.

  • Engage your audience with thought-provoking insights, actionable takeaways, and a touch of humour.

  • Expect a dynamic and interactive experience that sparks a shift in mindset and inspires positive action towards building a future-proof workforce.

Elevate your next event. Book me as your keynote speaker and ignite learning for your audience.


Customized Solutions for Future-Proof Success

  • Don't settle for generic training solutions. We go beyond, diving deep into your unique challenges and crafting a data-driven, ROI-focused consulting plan.

  • We leverage best practices from diverse industries, ensuring your approach is fresh, innovative, and effective.

  • Expect measurable results, increased employee engagement, improved learning ROI, and a future-proof learning ecosystem.

Explore how our customized consulting can transform your organization's learning and development.


I would highly recommend Garvey to anyone, ...he brings a collaborative approach, a fresh perspective and tangible ideas to help a firm evolve in this space


Garvey was excellent and able to talk about some difficult topics very clearly... he really fostered a lovely/ safe atmosphere where people felt that they could share

Allen & Overy

I really enjoyed the session and it was very thought provoking. I have raved about it with a couple of colleagues who haven't done the session. Perhaps it should be made mandatory for all Actis staff.


An intelligent, passionate and empathetic facilitator who was outstanding in conveying complex topics into a very digestable and easy to understand manner

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